Southern Ranges

A nine day solo hike in Tasmania’s Southwest National Park

A solo traverse of the Southern Ranges to Precipitous Bluff, exiting out the South Coast Track from Prion Beach. This is a challenging trek through diverse terrain, deep in the southernmost pocket of Australia. I was fortunate to experience glorious weather along the way.

Date: Late February 2018

Approximate walking distance, including side trips: 97km

Further reading: A.N. Lewis’ 1924 paper Notes on a Geological Reconnaissance of the Mt La Perouse Range provides an overview of the main features of the Southern Ranges (note, Lewis refers to Pindars Peak as Mt Leillateah). Refer TASMAP 4818 Leprena, 4618 Precipitous, 4617 Prion and 4817 Recherche for topography.

Caution: if you’re planning this walk, my notes, times, and distances in the pages below will not provide any valid insights.

  1. Mystery Creek to Moores Bridge

  2. Moores Bridge to Reservoir Lakes via The Hippo

  3. Reservoir Lakes to Ooze Lake via Mt La Perouse

  4. Ooze Lake to Wylly Plateau via Pindars Peak

  5. Wylly Plateau to Precipitous Bluff

  6. Precipitous Bluff to New River Lagoon

  7. New River Lagoon to Surprise Bay

  8. Surprise Bay to South Cape Rivulet

  9. South Cape Rivulet to Cockle Creek