Southern Ranges: Day Three

Reservoir Lakes to Ooze Lake via Mt La Perouse

Emerge from the night’s forest and cross spongy herb fields for La Perouse. Wander a vast sandstone summit mirroring the curvature of the earth. Observe the sheer drop to Swallows Nest Lakes and gaze eastwards over The Cockscomb toward yesterday.

Realise endless vista on all sides: Adamsons, Hartz, as far as Mt Anne; northern ranges queuing up well beyond Federation Peak; Victoria Cross to the northwest, with Precipitous Bluff embracing Wylly; west to Pindars, rising sharply; south to the capes and the symmetric cone of Mt Leillateah.

Trek steeply up then down Maxwell Ridge to King Billy Saddle, skirt Knife Mountain and trip through a little forest to find Ooze Lake drenched in afternoon sun. Make camp on the lakeside, strip down and wade into the shallow water chasing tadpoles and miniature fresh water shellfish.

Approximate walking time and distance: 6 hours, 10km